12 October 2015

Celebrating the Autumn Spirit

“Of all the seasons, autumn offers the most to man and requires the least of him.” – Hal Borland
It is no wonder that autumn is such a celebrated season for so many—fall harvest, stunning colors, comfort food, the smell of leaves in the air, and a hot drink to meet the cool breeze. It is a time like no other to take a hike through a dense forest or a long drive through a winding mountain range. We visit farms, vineyards, pick fresh produce and pumpkins, and walk through orchards with our family and friends. We embrace this beautiful change.
For us at Black Squirrel, it is a time to celebrate flavors that match so perfectly with our handmade craft spirits. We take pride and inspiration from the fall harvest incorporating into cocktails familiar fall flavors like cinnamon, fresh apple, nutmeg, cider, pumpkin, honey and cloves. What better compliment for maple!?
So this fall be sure to grab some black squirrel. Mix up a hot toddy with honey or some spiced cider with lemon. Throw on an a oversized sweater and enjoy the most spectacular time of the year! Cheers!