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Black Squirrel Aged Maple Spirit is a craft spirit that starts with dark yet delicate New York State maple syrup, a treasure that yields the most perfect sugars — nuanced, mineral-rich, aromatic, and hearty. We carefully ferment the syrup to bring out its underlying complexity, distill it in traditional copper pot stills, and then age the spirit in oak barrels.

The result is a spirit with a flavor as mysterious and mischievous as our bushy-tailed namesake. It’s like rum’s smooth New England cousin, neither sweet nor harsh, with a subtle maple note and a warm, oak finish. Sippable, mixable...and like nothing else you’ll find.

If aged spirits aren't your thing, you're in luck: we invested some time to invent Mapleshine™. It's a many times-distilled, filtered, unaged version of the Black Squirrel you know and love, just really clear, without all of the oak & bottled at 90 proof... Okay, it's totally different. Many back-woods distillers would call this a "sugar shine", but we figured making it from maple sugar gave us the right to invent a new word for it.

Ardilla Negra Maple Coffee Liqueur. No one asked the question, but this is the answer to what happens when you artfully blend Grade A maple syrup, full-bodied cold brew coffee, and aged Caribbean rum. In keeping with Black Squirrel’s tradition of craft maple spirits, we present something that you’ll be glad to find out there in the wild. Again, it is not your typical woodland creature.

Black Squirrel Maple Liqueur blends NY Grade A maple syrup with an aged Caribbean rum to create a uniquely mixable, and smooth-sipping liqueur that’s complex in character with a decidedly sweet, maple-syrup-smooth finish.

Served as a warm cordial, neat, or on ice, our liqueur is the sweetest way to warm a night or brunch. (Pancakes optional.)